Room rates, Hotel Narsarsuaq
All rates incl. breakfast
Single room DKK    695,-
Double room DKK    795,-
Single room with bath and toilet DKK    495,-
Double room  with bath and toilet DKK    595,-
Family room (6 bed spaces) DKK 2.995,-
Family room (5 bed spaces) DKK 2.495,-
Family room (4 bed spaces) DKK 1.995,-
Luxury Suite (suite 1001) DKK 4.495,-
Extra bed per guest DKK    595,-
Day room between 10 am. and 6pm. from DKK    695,-
Baby bed (Free) DKK        0,-

Prices apply from 1st October 2012 to 31st December 2013 and hereby cancel all previous price lists

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