Fantastic nature and history

Take a hike to the Narsarsuaq Glacier to enjoy a view that will take your breath away. Visit the sheep farming community across the fjord from Narsarsuaq and go on a discovery tour exploring the history of the Norse settlement in Greenland. Enjoy the birdlife and the many flowers growing in the area or get the experience of your life with the many other activities. You can get some inspiration here:

Viking ruins

Across the fjord from Narsarsuaq lies Qassiarsuk, with historical sites from the period of the Norse settlement, including a Viking longhouse and a church.

Hikes in the area

Keep your eyes and ears open during the hike and enjoy the birdlife and the many flowers thriving in Narsarsuaq. You could see eagles, falcons and hares during the hike.

Visit sheep herders

Go on a visit to one of the many sheep farming families that South Greenland is so famous for. You will also get an opportunity for horseback riding here.

River fishing

The period from July to September offers splendid possibilities for trout fishing in areas not far from Narsarsuaq.

The ice cap

Narsarsuaq is one of the places in Greenland where you can walk right up to the ice cap and enjoy a breathtaking view of the glacier.

Museum visit

Narsarsuaq Museum is worth visiting. In addition to the American airbase collection, the museum also has an exhibition about the Norsemen who lived in Greenland during the Middle Ages.