Jobs at Hotel Narsarsuaq

If you are interested in working at a hotel, then read below. We have a lot of good job offers for those who are looking for a permanent position, and for those who need a job during the summer.

Available jobs

All available jobs will be posted with other jobs at Mittarfeqarfiit on a special site:

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Mittarfeqarfiit and the airport hotels in Narsarsuaq and Kangerlussuaq are proud of their employees. Many of them have been with us for many years and a lot of them come back time and time again for the temporary jobs they have. We really appreciate that.

Here you can read a bit more about the areas in the hotel where we often look for new employees:


If you work at the reception you must enjoy servicing our guests and enjoy being around people.


In the restaurant, cafeteria and in the bar we regularly hire waiters, bartenders, fast-food assistants, etc.


There are many functions in the kitchen chefs, sandwich maids, bakers, and kitchen assistants among others.

Unsolicited applications

You are always more than welcome to send an unsolicited application. All available jobs will be posted with other jobs at Mittarfeqarfiit.

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For many of our jobs it is a requirement that you have a professional background or an education typically from the Food School. Read more about the Inuili Food School 

If you want an apprenticeship you must first contact your school. If you are in school and would like an apprenticeship with us, then please feel free to write an unsolicited application.